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Paying for your purchases is simple and safe.

You can choose between manual payment EFT or Credit Card payment through Yoco. 

First please make sure you fill up all your details and proceed to checkout.
If you decide to make a manual payment I will email you my banking details, please check your spam or junk mail folder.
And with YOCO option just follow the instructions.

For an overseas customer I have a Paypal option, just choose manual payment.
I´m working towards making your shopping experience more easy and happy.
If have any questions please email me at


Please note that earrings and custom orders purchased are not refundable.

All refunds will be given as a store credit, Tatanka does not give cash refunds.

If after your purchase you are not happy with it, please email me (  with your order number and tell me the reason you are not 100% satisfied with your product so we can find a way to make you happy. 

Please note that all returns must be in original condition.

Tatanka is not responsible for any additional charge, shipping or tax when you are returning the product.


Each piece is handcrafted with quality materials. 

Due to the handmade nature of each piece, and because each item is made of porous leather, some care goes into making sure each piece lasts a lifetime. The nature of the leather is that it can absorb and/or collect liquid, oil, and dirt. 


Suede is more fragile than synthetic leather and harder to take care of. To maintain the quality of this product we recommend you get hold of a suede cleaner to use on stubborn stains and always use a very soft cloth rag, a slightly dampened cloth designed for use on suede and protect from damp conditions.


It is also recommended that your piece does not sit in direct sunlight for extended periods. The leather can dry out and/or fade in colour.
Tanaka is not responsible for stains or damage that may develop over time.


If a piece develops damage, please contact me at and I may be able to repair it at a reasonable fee, not including shipping.

Thank you!

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