Diamond Amethyst Earrings

Diamond Amethyst Earrings


Dangle geometric earrings. Wire wrapped in silver. 

With a special crystal amethyst, you can have the healing powers of this stone in a very unique style.

Approximate size 5 to 6 cm.



  • Amethyst

    The beautiful Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, intuition. Helps to relives stress, anger, anxiety and balance mood swings. Those are some of the properties you can get from this amazing crystal.

  • Handmade Magic

    All Tatanka products are artisan crafted. Given ther handmade and hand-finisher nature, variations are to be expected and celebrated.


  • Love your jewelry

    To give a better long life to your special jewelry
    You can follow this tips:

    • Never sleep with your jewelry
    • Remove it before shower or swim
    • Use perfume, lotion, hairspray & other liquids before you put on your jewelry
    • Do not wear your jewelry while exercising 
    • Store in a dry and cool place