Crystal Quartz Pendants

Crystal Quartz Pendants


Crystal quartz necklace is wrapped with brass wire.

  • Handmade
  • Length 55 - 56 cm 

Inquiry if you need a longer necklace and other colors.

Up to 5 cm is free of charge.


  • Quartz

    Clear quartz has an organizing asn harmonizing effect on all parts of the body with which it comes to contact. it can be especially calming, and will quickly restore a more balanced energy. Helps to dissipate all areas of imbalace and negativity, and establishes calmness and clarity in the mind, making it a useful stone for meditation asn healing techiniques. All the chakras.

  • Handmade Magic

    All Tatanka products are artisan crafted. Given ther handmade and hand-finisher nature, variations are to be expected and celebrated.


  • Love your jewelry

    To give a better long life to your special jewelry
    You can follow this tips:

    • Never sleep with your jewelry
    • Remove it before shower or swim
    • Use perfume, lotion, hairspray & other liquids before you put on your jewelry
    • Do not wear your jewelry while exercising 
    • Store in a dry and cool place